Hazmat: the Apocalypse (twotails) wrote in outcastsmush,
Hazmat: the Apocalypse

What's New and What's Coming

This weekend kicked off the MUSH's opening plot, the series premiere, if you will. Thanks to all who showed up! (Even those who were dragged off early to socialize with RL family. ;)) While we didn't get as far into things as I'd hoped, I'm still awfully pleased. The participating characters -- Toby, Virgil, Malena, and Baron -- are all in a state of timestop at the moment; Toby's gone and run off, Virgil and Baron are shifting themselves through the Gauntlet toward the Penumbra (they hope) and Malena... well. She's somewhere else.

Insert evil laugh and ominous music here.

So, what's on the horizon, you ask, besides roleplay and plotstuff?

Building: Goosefeather Pond, the Ugly Duck bar, and the logging/lumbermill site, in that order. The mysterious Truman Estate will remain locked away for now, and Rick is going to be descing the sheriff's office, since that's his turf anyway.

Code: A more polished character-sheet command. Maybe see if I can fix +glance so that it'll accept longer short-descs. Hammer-polishing on +finger.

Website: Right now, it's just a placeholder page, but that'll change. Got suggestions as to what you wanna see? Lay 'em on me; my ears are open (as usual). :)

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