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Weekend Opening Event!

I'm aiming to kick off roleplay on this MUSH this weekend, starting Saturday the 18th of March. Here's how it's going to go (hopefully):

1) Noon EST on Saturday, 18 March: This is when I'll get online (I may be on earlier) to help folks get their last ducks in a row and make sure all you fuzzy little pieces are in place. :)
2) 3pm EST Saturday, 18 March, or earlier if enough folks show up: The actual event. The kickoff. The Big Shiny Nifty (tm).
3) Sunday, 19 March, time to be announced: If necessary, we'll finish off the Big Shiny Nifty from yesterday. Otherwise, I'll be on-hand to work out, in GMly fashion, any exploration or poking around y'all want to do. Or provide NPC entertainment for those who head into town.

At that point, we're more or less open, so if you know someone who might be interested, you can share the address. And as for anyone who's unable to make it this weekend, don't worry... I'll get you into town and onto the scene. :) You just won't be one of the first to see the Big Shiny Nifty.

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