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Howls from the Outskirts

The Official OutcastsMUSH LJ Community

The Official OutcastsMUSH LJ
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Werewolf: the Apocalypse is a game of savage horror and desperate heroism, a game in which characters struggle against enemies both without (the Wyrm being one of many) and within (the tension between wolf and man, spirit and flesh, rage and enlightenment). The Apocalypse, the prophesied end of the world, looms ever nearer; its harbinger is the Red Star, still visible only in the Umbra but growing larger each year. The current generation of Garou (who doomsayers insist are the LAST generation) fights valiantly to keep themselves and Gaia alive, but their society is an unforgiving one and has little place for nonconformity or dissent; even its sacred tricksters, the Ragabash, are bound by the ways and laws set down thousands upon thousands of years ago.

It is small wonder that the numbers of Ronin are on the rise. These Garou have no place within the Nation, and thus are ejected from it or leave of their own choosing. Unfortunately, their dual nature will not allow them to fit perfectly within human (or wolf) society, and most find that they cannot stand being alone. Many form strange alliances that take them further away from Gaia; others succumb to Harano. Only the most skilled and strong-willed Ronin survive for long, but even these often yearn for the things that Garou with tribes take for granted -- the comfort of pack and Sept, the guidance of spirits bound to the Pact, and the rest and comfort within a caern's heart.

On the one hand, safety and slavery under the Garou Nation's draconian rule. On the other hand, freedom and danger. Two choices, and two choices alone.


What if there was a third? What happens when the outcasts band together, and what kind of society will they create?

This is the official Livejournal community for OutcastsMUSH, a roleplay mu* set in White Wolf's Werewolf: the Apocalypse setting and focussed upon Ronin and disaffected kinfolk. This LJ is for players and would-be players to use to discuss the MUSH and related gaming topics. Flames and spam will be deleted.